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SEO / Search Engine Optimisation Training Courses

With Google and the other major search engines taking thousands of different factors into consideration when ranking your website, SEO is an extremely difficult task. To make matters worse, the algorithm used by Google and other search engines in constantly evolving, so what works today won't necessarily work in six months time.

To help fast track the learning process, we offer both a beginner and expert SEO course to help people of all skill levels get their websites listed as often and as highly as possible in search engine results.

Beginners SEO Course

Our beginners Search Engine Optimisation Course is designed for people who have a website or are building a website and want to ensure it gets listed in Google, Yahoo, Microsoft/Bing and the other major search engines. This course will teach you the basic concepts of SEO along with teaching you the basic elements and tools involved with online and offsite optimisation.

Course Overview
- Search engine friendly websites
- Meta tags
- Basic SEO elements
- Writing search engine friendly content
- Basic sitemaps
- Inbound & outbound links
- Measuring traffic

Course Dates: On demand, fill in the form below to register your interest

Experts SEO Course

Our experts Search Engine Optimisation Course is designed for people who are familiar with the basic SEO elements and whose sites are already listed in Google. This course will teach you a range of advanced onsite and offsite SEO techniques for boosting the amount of traffic your site receives from search due to an increased number of search results and more front page and number one listings.

Course Overview
- Webmaster guidelines
- Google analytics
- Advanced SEO elements
- Offsite linking strategies
- Blogging and industry commentary
- W3C validation
- Streamlining code
- Keyword density
- Building search specific content

Course Dates: On demand, fill in the form below to register your interest

The Strategy Digital Training Advantage

Why should you choose Strategy Digital training? All of our Google Analytics Training Courses are personally run by Sean Wyld who spent 3 years working for Google. We have a maximum of 8 people in our courses to allow us to tailor the content to your individual business. We also provide ongoing support to all attendees of our courses to ensure that you are able to usefully implement all of the skills and knowledge you gain from our courses.

Please fill in the form below for any questions or to register your interest in attending one of our Google Analytics courses.

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