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Online Strategy Training Courses

With the Internet evolving so quickly, it's hard to know where to start let along what to do next. Having an effective Online Strategy which governs your businesses Online ooperations is vital to your businesses success online. Your Online Strategy will ensure you are focused on the things which will provide your business with the best return on investment and not wasting time on the next big fad.

To help fast track the learning process, we offer both a beginner and expert Online Strategy course to help people of all skill levels learn the skills and knowledge they need to develop and refine their Online Strategy to ensure their businesses success Online.

Beginner Online Strategy Course

Our beginners Online Strategy Course is designed for people new to the world of business on the Internet and Online Marketing. This course will introduce you to the most important businesses elements of the Internet and will give you the knowledge and skills to develop an Online Strategy.

Course Overview
- Internet overview
- Websites
- Email communication
- Online Marketing
- Key elements of an Online Strategy
- Developing an Online Strategy
- Measuring performance

Course Dates: On demand, fill in the below form to register your interest

Expert Online Strategy Course

Our experts Online Strategy Course is designed for who already have a website and are used to doing business on the Internet. This course will help you refine your existing Online Strategy and open your eyes to a range of different options for growing your business online. It also addresses popular trends such as Social Networking and helps you seperates the hype from what will drive value for your business.

Course Overview
- Making your website a Destination
- Increasing traffic - Customer acquisition
- Customer retention
- Competitor Analysis
- Blogging - Social networking
- Online trends
- Online & offline intergration
- Advanced success metrics

Course Dates: On demand, fill in the below form to register your interest

The Strategy Digital Training Advantage

Why get trained by Strategy Digital? All of our Google Analytics Training Courses are personally run by Sean Wyld who spent 3 years working for Google. We have a maximum of 8 people in our courses to allow us to tailor the content to your individual business. We also provide ongoing support to all attendees of our courses to ensure that you are able to usefully implement all of the skills and knowledge you learn at our courses.

Due to an excess of training inquiries, Strategy Digital is not currently taking any new training inquiries.

Online Strategy

Online Strategy